Introducing our first Siren merchandise range! Finding women’s sports merchandise is hard work, just ask our friend Lindsay Gibbs, creator of the newsletter Power Plays. We want to create some great products to help fill this void and allow fans to wear their love for women’s sports on their sleeve.

We’re just dipping our toe in at the moment, and we’re starting with this limited release badge collection. All profits from sales go directly back into Siren to keep us going and allow us to commission more great content from the women’s sports experts who don’t get nearly enough opportunities.

I ❤ Women’s Sport

Our I ❤ Women’s Sport (58mm) badge. $6.50AUD (inc. shipping)

Women’s Sport is Not Expendable

Our Women’s Sport is Not Expendable (44mm) badge. $6AUD (inc. shipping)

Strong Willed Women

Strong Willed Women (44mm) badge. $6AUD (inc. shipping)

Siren three-badge pack

Includes our I ❤ Women’s Sport (58mm), Women’s Sport is Not Expendable (44mm) & Strong Willed Women (44mm) badges. $15AUD (inc. shipping)

Please allow up to 14 business days for delivery.
Not in Australia? Contact us to order.