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Our mission is to elevate women’s voices, alongside other diverse and marginalised voices through in-depth storytelling, analysis and opinion, and deliver feminist content that challenges the status quo of sport media. 

We are a collective of women’s sports advocates, content creators and fans who for years have been left wanting more from mainstream coverage of women in sport. Realising we could achieve more together than separately, we have combined our skills, experience and knowledge to form Siren: A Women in Sport Collective.

Gemma Bastiani runs Riot Expert and podcast network Play On Radio.

Megan Brewer is a multimedia creative.

Kirby Fenwick is an award-winning writer, editor and audio producer.

Dr. Kate O’Halloran is an award-winning journalist, editor and academic researcher. 

Alison Smirnoff is a digital media professional.

Dr. Kasey Symons is an academic and writer. 

Danielle Warby is a content strategist and editor. 

Within a week of launching, Siren had secured more than 40 financial supporters, and more than 500 newsletter subscribers, and over 2000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

Together, the members of the collective have an audience in excess of twenty thousand people.

In addition, as established experts and respected voices in women’s sport media, Siren launched with immediate credibility in the space and the support of significant voices in the women’s sport and sport media space. 

As a digital media platform, weekly newsletter and centre of a highly engaged and enthusiastic community Siren provides a unique opportunity to reach new audiences.

The Siren Collective can offer:

  • Sponsorships at a range of price points
  • Sponsored social media content 
  • Sponsored articles or features
  • Photo, video and audio projects

For more information on how you and your business can support Siren, get in touch at contact@sirensport.com.au

Download this information as a pdf.