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10 Australian songs to soundtrack your at home workout

Home workout. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Some restrictions have begun to lift but it will be a while before our gym classes return. In the meantime we all have to continue to get creative with our workouts. Why not soundtrack it with ace Australian tunes? Here are ten tracks that will get you up and about by local artists.

Tia Gostelow – RUSH

Tia has been building as an artist since the release of her stunning co-write with LANKS, ‘Strangers’. This one has a strong ‘80s beat that is almost impossible not to move to (literally, I’m sitting on the couch and bopping around listening while writing this) so it is perfect to get you up and about.

Montaigne – READY

You’ll have heard this one on plenty of sporting advertisements in the past two years—notably the 2020 AFLW season ad from the AFL. An inspiring pop song, it just makes you want to be better and do more, and is therefore perfect for your workout.

Cry Club – DFTM & WAAX – FU

These two might be better to get you ready for a rage workout than anything else, and sometimes that’s the exact energy we need to get off the couch and go for a jog. The explosion of pure frustration and aggression in these two are unfortunately very relatable and lyrics you can yell as a release.

Alice Ivy & Jax Anderson – Close To You

Such. A. Groove. Similar to the aforementioned ‘RUSH’ it’s pretty much impossible not to move to this one, which is exactly what you need when you’re out for that walk or jog. Alice Ivy just knows production inside and out and creates these brilliant beats. Paired with Jax Anderson’s vocals and you have yourself a… banger.

Eaglemont – Hound

For all the guitar music lovers. Probably more of a life affirmation than it is a workout tune, but the lyric ‘try not to be a dick’ is something we should definitely all live by.

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Neighbourhood Youth – Lately

Another for the guitar music enthusiasts. At just two minutes long and a high BPM, ‘Lately’ is ideal for when you’re trying to smash out that last little bit when you’re struggling. On a stationary bike and think you’re done? Smash out one last two minutes along to this one and you’ll know you’ve worked hard.

Kira Puru – Tension

The swagger and confidence Kira Puru has is something we should all aspire to have, and a good start is listening to her music—particularly those basslines. ‘Tension’ is the best place to start.

Huntly – Wiggle

Not only is the video for this one in a gym with the band decked out in delightfully retro outfits, the beat just works its way in as the perfect earworm to make you… wiggle.

Tkay Maidza & Killer Mike – Carry On

The sentiment is in the title, and much like Kira Puru it’s all about the swagger she gives you as motivation. It’s consistent, a little weird and just so badass.

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