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New Siren Collaborator: By The White Line

Today we’re thrilled to announce to our second official Siren Collaborator, photographer Rachel Bach of By The White Line, known for her women’s football photography!

Rachel Bach of By The White Line on the job.
Photo: Matt Johnson 

We are excited to announce that Rachel Bach of By The White Line is officially part of the Siren family through our Siren Collaborator program.

When Siren formed, we co-founders were determined to make Siren not just a platform where we could contribute more coverage of women in sport, but also to build a space to amplify the work of many other women who do this work in the alternative media space. There are so many hard working women who write, podcast, and photograph women in sport and we believe we’re stronger when we work together to celebrate and elevate each other.

We’ve been long time fans of Rachel’s photography and were thrilled to profile some of her outstanding work earlier this year.

Rachel’s photography platform, By The White Line has many fans that love not only her great football shots, but her stories and passion for showcasing the game’s athletes.

“Sport has always been a big part of my life,” Bach says, “and along the way I’ve both seen and experienced inequity. I wanted to do something about that, so combining my love of sport and design seemed like a way for me to contribute. I started By The White Line just under a year into my photography journey, and it’s a platform where I highlight and celebrate the achievements of women in sport.”

Fan’s of Rachel’s work will know full well that she brings a unique approach to storytelling through her Instagram posts and we’re excited that we at Siren can provide another space for her to build on this and share some more of her experiences with us.

Caitlin Foord, Ellie Carpenter and Sam Kerr share a lighter moment during the World Cup pre-camp in Turkey. 26 May 2019. Photo: Rachel Bach

“Not being able to shoot live sport since March has probably affected what content I’m sharing more than how it’s being shared. There’s been a lot of digging into the archives, and some one- on-one shoots along the way (before restrictions tightened). But for the most part, I think my style has remained consistent—sharing images and the stories that go with them through my Instagram page.

“I love telling stories [and] my Instagram page has become a bit of a diary,both with photos and words. I’ll be sharing stories related to my experiences as a photographer, the people I work with, and the sports that I shoot with Siren readers.”

Siren Collaborators are a way in which we can connect with women creating content in the women in sport arena and offer a space on our platform to help amplify their work and bring more women’s sports content together in an easy to find space.

Our first announced collaborators, The Halftime Huddle podcast team, were our first step in this collaborative approach to our platform and we’ve loved being connected to Sarah and Taylor as they share their fantastic athlete interviews with us. We’re excited to continue to grow this program and connect with more wonderful creators.

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When we asked Rachel what it was about Siren that made her feel like this was a space for her, she said:

“I’m excited to collaborate with a group of people that are as passionate as I am about women’s sport. Increasing coverage of women in sport beyond what’s offered in mainstream media is incredibly important to me, and I think that aligns perfectly what Siren is trying to do.”

And we couldn’t agree more Rachel. We’re so excited to work with you!

Keep an eye out for semi-regular posts from By The White Line in our newsletter and on our website and be sure you’re following BTWL on Instagram.

You can also head to the official By The White Line website where you can purchase, for a limited time only, prints of the shots Rachel took of Lydia Williams and Steph Catley announcing their signings to Arsenal!


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