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Covering the #womeninsport coverage in the time of COVID-19

Here is the running data from our analysis of mainstream media coverage of women in sport since the coronavirus sent sport into shutdown.

We’ve partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to collect this data to measure how women’s sports are being impacted during this time in terms of media coverage, which before COVID-19, was already low.

The Sport Innovation Research Group at Swinburne, which includes one of our co-founders, Dr Kasey Symons, have published some preliminary findings through this article for The Conversation. We’re looking forward to seeing how this data can form the basis for some more academic work to address this issue in the future.

These graphs chart our week-by-week results.

For further details on our methodology and to see the state of play before COVID-19, click here.


After four weeks of data collection, the average women in sport coverage in mainstream media as per our methodology was only 8.4%.


Initially, we partnered with Swinburne to capture how women’s sports coverage was impacted after the first month since social distancing measures made the continuation of sport impossible. As sport now looks to recover, we have extended our partnership another month to investigate if there is any significant change.


After another month of analysis, the monthly average dropped .8% from 8.4% to 7.6%.

In the last week of May, we saw announcements about the return dates for Suncorp SuperNetball, WNBL as well as tournament dates for the Australian Women’s Cricket Team.

As more women’s sports plan their return, we’re going to monitor the coverage until the end of June to see if this impacts the mainstream media reporting.

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