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Pyper’s game changers: the unforgettable highlights of women’s sports in 2023

Siren Sport intern Pyper Denneman reflects on 2023 and gives us the moments that made the year unforgettable for women’s sport

This year we’ve had an astonishing amount of sporting glory in the Australian women’s space. Heaps of big wins but also small ones. Here’s my eleven (because ten is so basic) highlights from the year that has been. Take note of a few surprises or things you might have missed that are well worth reflecting on as we venture into 2024. Each of these moments deserves their own spotlight as they not only brought joy to myself, a young woman obsessed with sport, but also to many people around the world!

Chloe Molloys ‘2468’

If you missed this iconic moment in the AFLW, you need to see it asap. Chloe Molloy is not only a phenomenal player but a bright and passionate person. Her passion in this moment speaks volumes. To understand the context, it’s not always celebrated when an athlete shows their personality, however confidence in women’s space and also interacting with the crowd, SHOULD be celebrated! So cheers Chloe, for clapping back!

Australian Women’s Cricket Team World Cup Win

Australia claimed a sixth title in the T20 World Cup, defeating South Africa in the final by 19 runs. How exciting! This is yet another, from my point of view, underrated performance of our Australian women’s cricket team. They consistently show up and perform!

The (Matildas’) World Cup

Having the FIFA’s Women’s World Cup on home soil in Australia and New Zealand was a feeling like no other. Let alone if we talk about all the success the Matildas had throughout the tournament and the legacy they have created. This event invigorated the Australian community and will remain an iconic point in history.

Australian rugby women claim victory at Dubai Sevens

I fell in love with this story! The Australians finally knocked New Zealand off their pedestal at the Dubai Sevens. It was only made better when highlighting the key role of the Levi sisters. They are beyond dominant and it shows.

Sharon Finnan-White’s First Nations Academy of Excellence

Sharon Finnan-White is a game changer that’s for sure and her work building an academy of excellence pathway for First Nations people will change the game. I’d keep an eye on this space.

Ischia Brooking debuts at 14 years old in A-League Women’s

What was I doing at 14? Hmmm, certainly not debuting in the A-League Women’s! Every time I read this, it blows my mind. It is super impressive and a sign of how exciting the A-League Women’s club pathways are to acquire so much depth in talent.

Farewelling Erin Phillips

The epitome of ‘impact’ for me, is and will always be Erin Phillips’ AFLW career. Whether it be impacting a contest, a conversation or the entirety of the sport. This is a sporting icon I will miss seeing play. It would be remiss of us as a sporting nation to not fully acknowledge her role in the sport and as a role model. Although you’re hanging up your boots Erin, know your impact on the game and us fans lives on.

The Godwin

The GODWIN! Who knew there was a new move in gymnastics uneven bars created by an Australian woman? I’ve always been in awe of gymnasts and the skill it takes to complete astonishing moves. This year Georgia Godwin submitted her first move and it has taken off! One for the history books.

Elmo’s message to the Matildas!

Now this piece of sports content is, to be honest a little odd. But everybody can thank ABC Sport Digital Content Producer Fletcher Doherty for mentioning this piece of content to me at the recent ABC Sport X Siren Sport networking night. As he says ‘good content is good content’. This is an example of that. I thought that it was funny to see the support for the Matildas stretch to my childhood tv characters. But, what is even funnier is the response of the public to so quickly get behind Elmo. Overall a light hearted piece of content to remind you it isn’t always serious in sport. 

Daisy Pearce announces head coach of the Eagles

What a move and what a moment for Daisy Pearce! Head Coach! Daisy is a renowned analyst, so this news is very exciting.

2023 AFLW Rising Star Zarlie Goldsworthy

Now this one, lucky last on this list! Zarlie, Zarlie, Zarlie….. What can I say, apart from if you take anything from this list let it be this, regardless of sports code, the future of women’s sport in Australia is so bright. We place our beloved games in the hands of young women just like Zarlie and when given the opportunity to soar, what do they do? They fearlessly fly! I’m genuinely stunned for words with this one and I’m so excited for what’s to come for Zarlie and women’s sports.

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