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10 women’s sport documentaries and films to add to your must watch list

By Megan Brewer

With all the anticipation and hype around the new documentary, The Last Dance we thought it would be a great time to look at some documentaries and films that focus on women in sport. It’s no surprise that alongside low mainstream media representation, there are very few sporting documentaries featuring women. 

ESPN’s 30 for 30 series is a highly regarded format for sporting documentaries and has produced over 100 films. Only 4% of those films represent women in sport. Sound familiar? ESPNW released a small series of documentaries and shorts directed by women as part of the Nine for IX series in 2013. However, trying to find them to stream or watch online is near impossible.

Here is a list of some documentaries and films that are worth your time to check out. 

The Price Of Gold (2014)

An in-depth look at the infamous event that threw Olympic ice skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan into the spotlight. 

Battle of the Sexes (2013)

This film examines the 1973 Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs tennis showdown and its part in driving King to fight for change in women’s tennis.

Let Them Wear Towels (2013)

Women's sport documentaries.

A history and examination of females journalists working in the locker room and the fight for equal access and respect.

Pat XO (2013)

Women's sport documentaries.

The remarkable story of Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in the history of NCAA basketball.

The 99ers (2013)

Women's sport documentaries.

A look back at the USA team that competed in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup on home soil, and how the still standing world record crowd of 90,815 attended the final.

Never Say Die Matildas (2008)

Women's sport documentaries.

Follows the Matildas during a rollercoaster year in which they competed in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in China. 

Venus and Serena (2012)

Women's sport documentaries.

Access into the lives of the Williams sisters during a challenging year of their careers in 2011.

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At The Heart Of Gold – Inside The USA Gymnastics Scandal (2019)

Women's sport documentaries.

This documentary unpacks the scandal, its cover-up, and aftermath, while giving voice to the survivors.

Heroes (2018)

Women's sport documentaries.

A celebration of the history-making first AFL Women’s season in 2017 that inspired a generation of girls and changed Australian sport and society forever. 

Power Meri (2018)

Women's sport documentaries.

Follows Papua New Guinea’s first national women’s rugby league team, the PNG Orchids, on their journey to the 2017 World Cup in Australia.

This is by no way a definitive list and we’d love to hear what your favourite sports docos and films are. 

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