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Announcing our latest Emerging Sports Writer Program in partnership with ABC Sport!

We have been busy behind the scenes lately at Siren Sport putting together some exciting opportunities for more women and non-binary folk in sport!

As part of Siren’s partnership with ABC Sport to continue to build on our work in championing women in sport and adding more to the ABC’s already great women’s sports coverage, the ABC are also helping us champion more women to enter the space.

To achieve this, we have developed another offering of our well-established Emerging Sports Writer Program which ABC Sport is supporting through our partnership.

As supporters of Siren know, this work is really special to us. Giving experience, tools and opportunities to more women and non-binary folk to continue to change the makeup of the sports media industry is what we’re passionate about. The ABC are as committed as we are to create pathways in sports media and we are excited to continue this work, together.

With support from ABC Sport and The Community Media Training Organisation, this program shows the power of collaboration in the sport media space to connect with diverse communities and those who are seeking support to further their careers who might not know exactly where to access these kinds of opportunities. With this scale of partnership and connections to these great organisations, we can connect with emerging talent and design different program offerings that can speak to the needs of individuals.

With the resources available to us from ABC Sport, the participants in this program will access ABC experts, editorial advice and practical tips and tricks from industry professionals, all while being supported by the Siren Sport team to ensure everyone’s own needs and media goals receive tailored attention. 

We’re thrilled that our partnership with ABC Sport allows us to continue to dedicate more of our own time and passion into delivering programs like this and that the ABC is as passionate as we are in driving this kind of change.

We look forward to introducing you to our program participants soon and bringing you the work of these amazing women in the coming weeks!

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