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Announcing Siren X Deakin Internship Program

Siren is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Deakin University to offer Work Integrated Learning placements to women working towards careers in sports media!

These placement opportunities will be made available to women completing degrees at Deakin in the faculty of Arts and Education who are looking to gain experience in media and journalism as they work through their degrees and look to enter the workforce.

Siren’s collective approach speaks directly to offering these kinds of opportunities to the next generation of women looking to enter the sports media landscape. We strongly believe in working together to support other women, give opportunities, share expertise and provide a safe, fun and collaborative developmental space for women to thrive in.

We’re so excited that Deakin University is on this journey with us to help provide experience and support to women who want to pursue careers in sports media.

Through the Deakin University X Siren Sport Work Integrated Learning placement program we’ll give interns the opportunity to develop skills in interviewing, writing and editing, develop web production and CMS management knowledge as well as learning brand management through social media and marketing. Upon completion of a 100-hour program, students will have not only learned some new skills, they will have developed a portfolio of work to add to their resume as they look to enter the workforce. 

So without further ado – we’re proud to introduce our first intern as part of this partnership, Brielle Quigley! 

The first Deal X Siren intern, Brielle Quigley!

Brielle is completing a Bachelor of Arts (A300) and is majoring in journalism. 

We’d like to introduce Brielle to our Siren community so you can learn more about her, the passion she has for the women in sports space, and what we’ll be looking to give to support her higher education journey and her career goals.

Q&A with Brielle Quigley

Siren: What was it about the opportunity to intern with Siren that made you want to apply for this position?

Brielle: I was very drawn to the idea of working for an organisation that was by women and about women. I have played rugby for several years and have witnessed firsthand the challenges that come with playing a male-dominated sport at a grassroots level – it was always clear to me that these issues were symptomatic of a greater problem with representation (and exposure) at an elite level, which is often driven by the media. Siren’s dedicated approach to reporting on women’s sport regularly and holistically really sparked my interest.

Brielle showing what she’s made of on field.

Siren: What are you most keen to learn while at Siren to assist with your degree and what you’d like to do in the future?

Brielle: I am really eager to further develop my interviewing skills–based on everything I have read by the team at Siren, I am definitely in the right place! Beyond this, I am excited to get my head around the more technical elements of managing a website and various social media accounts. This feels particularly relevant to my future career in media given how important a strong online presence is in an increasingly digital profession. Also, maybe-possibly-slight vindication for the days where my family would tell me I spent “too much” time on social media… look at me now, Mum!

Siren: What is it about women’s sports that you are passionate about?

Brielle: There is so much to be passionate about in women’s sport, but what makes me appreciate it the most is the way it brings women together for a common goal. So often we are fed the narrative of seeing other women as competition, standing in the way of our own success. Only in women’s sport, this narrative is written quite differently. Suddenly the emphasis is on teamwork, comradery and healthy competition that ends in chants and handshakes (or elbow-taps, handshakes’ cool COVID-safe sister). This is the kind of supportive energy women should bring in all aspects of their lives, and there is no better example of this than in sport. 

Siren: What would you like to see change about women’s sports and sports media?

Brielle: I want to see sports media give women’s sport the attention it deserves. Time and time again we are told that “you can’t be what you can’t see” and, while representation in elite level sport is rising, visibility is still a major issue. There will only be demand when audiences actually know what is on and where to find it, and more importantly why they should care! If the media takes women’s sport seriously (as they absolutely should), then audiences will, too.  

Welcome to the Siren team Brielle, we’re looking forward to being on this journey with you and can’t wait to share your work with our community.

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