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Football Victoria X Siren Sport partnership

Siren Sport is delighted to announce our partnership with Football Victoria (FV) who are supporting our Emerging Sports Writer Program for women wanting to gain more experience in sports media. 

This is such an exciting announcement! We’ll be bringing you more details on this program, how to apply and application dates in our next newsletter scheduled for Tuesday, 9 March. Make sure you are subscribed!

Media Release from Football Victoria:

Football Victoria (FV) is delighted to announce its support of Siren: A Women in Sport Collective’s Emerging Sports Writer Program. 

The program provides emerging women in sport the opportunity to gain professional experience in sports media, assisting their transition from tertiary education, writing courses or other professional sectors. 

FV CEO Kimon Taliadoros said the partnership aligns with FV’s commitment to equality, both on and off the pitch.

“Participation for girls and women has gone from strength to strength in recent years, but it’s equally important that we invest in supporting equality off the pitch,” Taliadoros said. 

“Promoting opportunities for women in sports media will provide a greater voice for women in football and build stronger pathways for women seeking careers within our beautiful game.”   

As a part of the agreement, FV and Siren will collaborate to select applicants who are particularly passionate about football media, who FV will then sponsor.  

Dr Kasey Symons from Siren welcomed the support for the next generation of women in sports media. 

“Women have traditionally lacked opportunities in mainstream sports media, but through programs like the Emerging Sports Writer Program we can start to bridge the gap through targeted guidance and support specific to the needs and career goals of the applicants,” Symons said.  

With International Women’s Day upcoming on March 8th, Executive Manager Growth and Inclusion Karen Pearce said she is encouraged with the increasing amount of available initiatives for women pursuing careers within sport. 

“As a part of FV’s Strategic Plan, we set the ambitious target to achieve 50/50 gender participation by 2027. Elevating more women into sports media will create a stronger collective voice for women in sport and encourage more young girls to embrace our beautiful game,” Pearce said.

Siren is a non-for-profit organisation comprised of sports advocates, content creators and fans who are seeking to strengthen the presence of women in mainstream sports coverage.  

The organisation also advocates for other diverse and marginalised groups. 

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