Introducing Halftime Huddle

Halftime Huddle

Siren is thrilled to announce our first official collaboration – introducing: Halftime Huddle!

Halftime Huddle is Sarah Burt and Taylor Capannolo, a podcast team with a passion for women in sport, sharing stories and great conversation. No wonder we wanted to team up with them!

When Siren formed, we co-founders were determined to make Siren not just a platform where we could contribute more coverage of women in sport, but as a space to amplify the work of many other women who do this work in the alternative media space. There are so many hard working women who write, podcast, photograph women in sport and we believe we’re stronger when we work together to celebrate and elevate each other.

This is why we try to include as much work by women on women’s sports in our newsletter and offer opportunities when we can to other women. 

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It’s so exciting that we can now extend that approach to Halftime Huddle who have a fantastic podcast that features a variety of women in sport and their incredible stories. Look out for their podcast in our newsletter and more of their great content across our socials and their instagram!

Learn more about our Halftime Huddle collaboration and Sarah and Taylor’s story in this podcast.

Get to know Sarah and Taylor and their work by checking out some of their favourite episodes.

Sarah’s top picks:

Western Bulldogs AFLW star, Isabel Huntington: “She is a bright spark who has overcome season ending injury (twice!) since entering the AFLW competition. If you want an episode which explores the elation of being number one draft pick to sitting on the sidelines whilst being the most talented player in the competition, this is your jam.”

Australian Diamond, Jo Weston: “This episode is lighthearted but also explores the stages of grief related to being able to taste your dream but have it slip, twice. Her humour is infectious and there’s something super special about having on-air chemistry and interviewing your best mate!

Taylor’s top picks:

Australian Tennis Professional, Ellen Perez: “ She is a crafty lefty who kick started her career at a college in America. She tells us what it’s like going through college and then transitioning onto the professional circuit. She touches on the ‘smoke rule’ that was put in place as this episode was recorded during the Australian Open when our Nation was hit by the devastating bushfires. Give it a listen, she is an inspiring, motivating young lady who has big things ahead of her.”

Australian Water Polo Player, Lea Yanitsas: “She is a water polo champ and dedicated mum. She tells us what  it’s like to train for an Olympics that is cancelled and what it feels like to exit a sport whilst you are number one. This episode is inspiring and she definitely helps put a smile on everyone’s faces during these tough times.”

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