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Meet Lauren McIntosh

As one of three successful applicants for Siren’s Emerging Sports Writer Program next round, in partnership with Football Victoria, we’re excited to welcome Lauren McIntosh.

Lauren McIntosh is one of Siren’s newest Emerging Sports Writers, in partnership with Football Victoria. Image: supplied
Lauren McIntosh is one of Siren’s newest Emerging Sports Writers, in partnership with Football Victoria. Image: supplied

What motivated you to apply for this program?

Lauren McIntosh: What immediately drew me to Siren is the community they are building. They uplift women across all aspects of the professional industry, from athletes, to photographers, to writers. I wanted to be a part of a community that recognises all of the ways in which women contribute to the sporting industry.

Why are you passionate about women in sport?

LM: Sport has long been a part of my life however growing up I never saw a development pathway for women. It unfortunately never seemed like you could make a viable career out of sport, unless you were talented and tapped on the shoulder at the age of 14 to go to the national teams. I owe an immense thanks to women who have changed this. From Sam Kerr, the first ever W-league marquee player, Jacquelin Magnay, who demanded female reporters have access to locker rooms for post match interviews, to Tayla Harris and Mel McLaughlin both of whom have challenged the sexist and misogynist remarks of the modern industry. I also owe thanks to my friends Vanessa Augustini (Netball) and Amelia Ansell (Rugby and AFL). They both came into my life within recent years and seeing their determination and strength, how they turn setbacks into motivation, inspires me. I have been fortunate to bear witness to their continuing journey and not just see the final result. With their pursuit and support making me all the more passionate to follow my own dreams and support other women.

What do you hope to achieve from this program?

LM: I hope to foster my writing skills, developing my voice whilst ensuring the integrity of all pieces in honouring the experience and history of the story.

What are you most excited to write about for Siren as part of this program?

LM: I am excited to share the journey of women’s sport and those who are involved. Paying tribute to the challenges they have overcome, with the hope that their struggles will provide guidance and inspiration for others on their journey.

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