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In the process of reflecting on our journey to 20 issues, we were interested in looking back at which of our pieces were most popular with you, our readers, the most. As a collective that largely came together in the stands of AFLW games, it’s exciting to see so many sports represented in so many different ways.

Could you Message Rachael Sporn for me?

Rachael Sporn. Most popular. Image: Basketball Australia
Image: Basketball Australia

From author Kasey Symons:

Siren has given me so many opportunities to write about sports I’ve never had a chance to. As a basketball fan, for me to be able to talk to a legend of the game in Rachael Sporn, was an absolute highlight. Sporn is a force. She achieved so much and is still such an ambassador for the game. 

I think for me, being that it was my own mum who was my hook-up to interview her, it makes this piece all the more special to me. When I think back to the time I spent in isolation in Mildura with my family, I’ll remember timidly asking mum to message Rachael for me and the feeling of seeing people connect with the piece after sharing the article through social media to my extended family and mum’s friends in Murrayville—Rachael and mum’s home town. 

Sport is about community and collective identity, while Rachael is a star in her own right, this piece further highlighted for me how special those community connections are that bring people together through the power of sport. Rachael’s story is a beautiful example of that.

Paving her own way: how Macy Gardner is already making her mark on the game

Macy Gardner. Most popular. Image: Queensland Firebirds
Macy Gardner. Image: Queensland Firebirds

Up-and-coming Queensland Firebird Macy Gardner was raring to go for the 2020 Super Netball season. And then it was delayed. While in this holding pattern, Gemma Bastiani got to know her as she sets her sights on making her mark come August.

Nicole Callinan on Melissa Hickey

Melissa Hickey leads the Cats out. Most popular. Image: Megan Brewer
Melissa Hickey leads the Cats out. Image: Megan Brewer

At the conclusion of the AFLW’s 2020 season, the inevitable retirements started rolling in. Two of those retirements were dedicated servants of the game—and Darebin Falcons veterans—Nicole Callinan and Melissa Hickey. To celebrate them, Alison Smirnoff spoke to them about one another, and Callinan’s thoughts on Hickey seemed to resound especially well

Netball Victoria’s Rosie King on leadership, allowing others to shine and the value of sport

Rosie King. Most popular.
Rosie King

Something we’ve aimed to do is not just focus on female athletes, but the women in sport working tirelessly behind the scenes. One of those incredible women is Rosie King, CEO of Netball Victoria, and Kirby Fenwick had this insightful conversation with her.

Melbourne Vixen Kate Moloney on leadership, playing alongside your heroes and the changing landscape of women’s sport

Kate Moloney. Most popular. Image: Melbourne Vixens
Kate Moloney. Image: Melbourne Vixens

Keeping with the Victorian netball theme, Kirby also spoke to Melbourne Vixens captain Kate Moloney about being vocal on the court and her special kind of leadership.

Designing Pride

Ellie Blackburn presents the 2020 Western Bulldogs Pride Guernsey. Most popular. Image: Western Bulldogs
Ellie Blackburn presents the 2020 Western Bulldogs Pride Guernsey. Image: Western Bulldogs

An important part of the AFLW calendar every year is the Pride Match. A key aspect to this is the specially designed guernseys worn by players that represent pride, so Kasey Symons had a conversation with Natalie Gills—the designer of the Western Bulldogs’ Pride guernsey—about what goes into it, and what the match means at clubland.

Resilience & Rusks: How Ine-Mari Venter’s setbacks have driven her ambition

Ine-Mari Venter. Most popular. Image: Queensland Firebirds
Ine-Mari Venter. Image: Queensland Firebirds

South African Queensland Firebird Ine-Mari Venter was thrown for a loop when the Super Netball season was delayed. Kasey Symons got to know how she was navigating her way through the shutdown, including hunting down a very specific kind of flour to make some comfort food. 

International Women’s Day: Our Sporting Heroines

Sam Mostyn. Most popular.
Sam Mostyn.

International Women’s Day this year was a significant moment not only in women’s sport, but in sport, period. The T20 World Cup final broke a number of records in relation to crowd numbers, while the Aussies took the honours. As part of International Women’s Day we, and some women in sport we admire, each wrote about a woman who shaped our passion for sport.

Rudi Ellis on resilience, doing the work and joining the Firebirds

Rudi Ellis. Most popular. Image: Queensland Firebirds
Rudi Ellis. Image: Queensland Firebirds

Most recently, Kirby’s conversation with shooter-turned-defender Rudi Ellis focused on resilience. Ellis is another promising young talent at the Queensland Firebirds who is there to work hard and play a team-first game.

10 women’s sport documentaries and films to add to your must watch list

Power Meri. Most popular.
Power Meri

When we went into lockdown, we were all missing sport and desperate for entertainment. Megan Brewer had our backs with a list of women in sport documentaries and films well worth a watch.

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