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The women’s sports newsletters we love that we know you’ll love

Sports news, sports pop culture, and deep dives into women’s sporting history all delivered right to your inbox? Sign us up! We love a sports newsletter around these parts and we figure if you’re here, you might be the same. 

So we rounded up a few of our faves. 

Got a tip for a sporty newsletter we should add to our list? Let us know!

Power Plays by Lindsay Gibbs

From the pen, or keyboard, of Lindsay Gibbs, OG member of the Burn It All Down pod, Power Plays delivers longform stories dissecting the big issues in women’s sport packed full of the historical, cultural and political context that matters. Plus, Lindsay loves an archive and we love her deep dives into the history of women’s sport. While a mostly US focus, there is always lots to chew over and reflect on in relation to the Australian landscape.

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The Female Athlete Project: The Wrap

The Female Athlete Project newsletter, The Wrap, delivers a weekly dose of the latest news in women’s sport with links to opportunities to read more. Landing in your inbox on a Tuesday morning, it’s a handy way to quickly stay up-to-date.

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A newsletter about movies about sports? Yes please! Written by professional film and culture writer and long-suffering Carlton Football Club fan, Claire White SportsMovies82 is published fortnightly and each issue focuses on a different sports movie, diving deep in the genre and what it has or has not to say about political and social issues like gender, sexuality, class and race.

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Missing Perspectives: Level the field

From the team behind Missing Perspectives, Level the Field launched in September 2023, post the Women’s World Cup. A fortnightly newsletter, it delivers news and links, plus original interviews and articles.

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Clearinghouse for Sport

While not specifically focused on women’s sports, with its combination of news and updates from sports organisations, governance updates from the ASC and AIS and federal and state governments and sports jobs, the Clearinghouse newsletter is a daily goldmine of information. If you’re working in sport or want to be working in sport, this it’s a must subscribe.

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Out of Your League

Frankie de la Cretaz is one of the best sports writers out there who creatively and critically weaves intersectional perspectives, pop culture, history and modern media coverage in their outstanding reporting. Frankie is also the co-author of ‘Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League’ which looks at the history of women’s gridiron, and we love a writer that can cover sport, pop culture and also amplify women’s sports history!

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Just Women’s Sports

Get your US women’s sports fix from the awesome team at Just Women’s Sports. JWS launched around the same time as Siren, and we’ve loved seeing them go from strength to strength in their development and continue their ongoing coverage.

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Got a tip for a sporty newsletter we should add to our list? Let us know!

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