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Women in Sports Writing to the Front

In lieu of live sport, I have rounded up some quality sports writing to hopefully keep you entertained, engaged and connected to the women in sport community in this really hard time.

I love sports journalism. I love great writing on sport and I especially love long reads and I wanted to share some pieces of work that I have loved over the last few years.

I have selected a few pieces that taught me something—about the sport, the athlete or the political and cultural environment surrounding the game. Pieces that allowed me insight into the experiences of others so I could become a better ally. 

Some of these pieces helped me to form my opinions and gave me the tools to articulate my position on issues. 

Some of these are simply amazingly written profiles on equally amazing women in sport that were just a pleasure to read.

All these pieces are written by women, on women in sport. There are many more and this is a small sample. I would love for our Siren community to continue to share the great writing and journalism that has been and continues to be written by women in this space.

Let’s use this time to amplify the work of women as well as other marginalised voices who writing such wonderful work.


‘First openly gay AFL player couple: “We’re proud, and proud of each other”’ – Samantha Lane for The Age.

Wen you laugh togetha’ – Elizabeth Humphrys and Jackie Lynch for Overland.

‘How I accidentally fell in love with GWS’ – Deb Waterhouse-Watson for The Footy Almanac.

‘AFLW brings positives for sport’ – Nicole Hayes for The Saturday Paper.


‘The sacking of Matildas head coach Alen Stajcic’ – Kate O’Halloran for The Saturday Paper.

‘Lesbians Won The Women’s World Cup’ – Shannon Keating for Buzzfeed News.

‘2019 Sportsperson of the Year: Megan Rapinoe’ – Jenny Vrentasdec for Sports Illustrated.


‘Muffet McGraw is done hiring men’ by Lindsay Gibbs for ThinkProgress. 

‘The WNBA Needs Liz Cambage, but She May Not Need It’ – Lindsay Gibbs for The Ringer.

‘How Far Can Becky Hammon Go in the N.B.A.?’ – Louisa Thomas for The New Yorker. (Also – Louisa Thomas has this great Q&A with NBA journalist Jackie MacMullan

Horse Racing:

‘False dawn? Michelle Payne is an Australian icon but have female jockeys really progressed?’ – Samantha Lane for The Age.


‘I watched Cathy Freeman win gold at the Sydney Olympics. That moment still inspires me today’ – Anita Heiss for The Guardian


‘Peggy O’Neal’s eye on the Tigers’ – Brodie Lancaster for The Saturday Paper.

‘Mostyn on women in footy’ – Samantha Lane for The Age.

From the Athletes:

‘So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend’ – Sue Bird for The Player’s Tribune.

‘DNP-Mental Health’ – Liz Cambage for The Player’s Tribune.

Pay Equity:

‘Pay equity for elite athletes’ – Kate O’Halloran for The Saturday Paper.


‘AFLW players are not immune to endometriosis — but getting them talking about it isn’t always easy’ – Kate O’Halloran for ABC News.

‘Menstruation: The last great taboo in women’s sport’ –  Kate Rowan for The Telegraph Women’s Sport.


‘The Physical Is Feminine’ – Brunette Lenkić for The Lifted Brow.

‘The stories we tell matter: the history of women’s sport must not be overlooked’ – Kirby Fenwick for The Guardian.

Social Media: 

‘Out on Instagram: Are Elite Sportswomen Changing What Coming Out Looks Like?’ – Danielle Warby for The Lifted Brow.

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