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Back to our roots: Community clubs and Kicking Against The Pricks

Kicking Against the Pricks is a documentary about women’s footy, reclamation of the body and the feminist revolution happening in towns and communities across Australia.

Melbourne-based filmmakers Alison Smirnoff and Bill Irving are the team behind the film and they have both found their lives profoundly impacted by the women’s game.

The pair sat down with Siren for an in-depth chat about the project and their motivations behind it.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of community sport—particularly in Victoria— has meant that production has unfortunately been put on pause this year.

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Alison and Bill are adamant, however, that this film is for the community and by the community, so they are doing a call out for archival footage. Yes, this means you and your community footy team.

It doesn’t have to be on field footage. In fact, the more off field vision the better. It can be phone videos, huddle videos, change room videos, footage at training, footage at the after match, singing at the pub, dancing in the streets, drunken rants to the coach – they literally want it all and the older the better.

If you want to get involved, get in touch via social media @katpfilm (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or via email: katpfilm@gmail.com

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