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Meet Georgia Dunne, our latest Siren X Deakin Intern

Deakin University journalism student Georgia Dunne is the successful candidate for our latest intern intake through our Deakin placement partnership.

Through the Deakin University X Siren Sport Work Integrated Learning placement program we give interns the opportunity to develop skills in interviewing, writing and editing, develop web production and CMS management knowledge as well as learning brand management through social media and marketing. Upon completion of a 100-hour program, students will have not only learned some new skills, they will have developed a portfolio of work to add to their resume as they look to enter the workforce.

We’d like to introduce new intern, Georgia Dunne, to our Siren community so you can learn more about her, the passion she has for the women in sports space, and what we’ll be looking to give to support her higher education journey and her career goals.

We’re looking forward to working with Georgia and sharing her work with you all!

Georgia is completing a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism).

Q&A with Georgia Dunne

What was it about the opportunity to intern with Siren that made you want to apply for this position?

Siren’s all-female team appealed to me. Sport, and its reporting, is still a relatively male-dominated field, but the establishment of female leagues like the AFLW, and more publicity about women’s sports, inspired me to become part of sports news reporting for my internship. Siren’s motivation of being a female group that produces content about women, for women, interested me greatly, and I was keen to participate in creating this kind of content.

What are you most keen to learn while at Siren to assist with your degree and what you’d like to do in the future?

While the skills I have learnt in my course have prepared me for a range of news fields, I’m hoping to gain a more in-depth experience of sports writing with Siren. I am excited to work in a professional environment, and see the process behind the content creation for an audience that spans beyond close friends and uni tutors. Since digital platforms are now central paths for journalists to publish news, I am also looking forward to learning how to use different software applications, manage websites and maintain social media pages.

What is it about women’s sports that you are passionate about?

Sport has always been a part of my life. Swimming was a major element of my childhood and adolescence, and still is through my job as a swim teacher. I have also trained and competed in basketball, gymnastics and tennis. Participation in sport helped develop my self-confidence and teamwork skills. Since I have always loved being an active sports participant, I’m thrilled to now contribute to the field as a writer. I hope to shed some much-deserved light on the incredible women in sports.

What would you like to see change about women’s sports and sports media?

I would like to see more coverage of women’s sports appear without people having to specifically search for female-central news. As a child, I could count the number of well-known female athletes to me on one hand. Although things have evolved over the past few years since then, sports sections of newspapers are mostly filled with male athletes, and I want it to become more inclusive of female athletes. Women’s sport coverage is still nowhere near equal to that of men’s sport, but I am hopeful that that will continue to change for the better, and I want to help make sport inclusive of all genders.

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