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Women’s Sports Merch Round-up

It’s no secret that women’s sports merchandise is few and far between, so we’ve rounded up as much as we can for you to find!

women's sports merchandise

“The orange hoodie is the best-selling WNBA item ever.”

That’s what US-based online retailer Fanatics said after a surge in sales of the hottest item in the #womeninsport world overwhelmed the site and sports fans alike. There are only limited numbers of the hoodie left and it will go down in history as a perfect example of strategic promotion and giving the fans what they want.

Men’s NBA players scooped up the hoodie with many wearing it to their practice scrimmages and training sessions in their bubble in Florida in the lead up to their season tip-off. The power of allyship and support sent a strong message.

And it wasn’t just NBA players wearing the gear that sparked the sales. This was already a hot ticket item and supporters took to social media on opening weekend of the WNBA to show their support for the league who were in their own #wubble and away from friends, family and fans. 

A missed opportunity

It’s no secret that women’s sports merchandise is few and far between. This was something Siren was conscious of when we launched our platform (we launched our own merch with some badges and we’re hoping to make more stuff soon!) and it’s something we’re passionate about, especially as fans ourselves who have long struggled to find the gear that reflects our love for different women’s sports and athletes. 

We always refer back to the piece Lindsay Gibbs wrote for her newsletter Power Plays when she couldn’t find any Washington Mystics gear in Washington DC after they won the WNBA Championship last season. We know it’s hard at the best of times, but no gear in the city of the team that had just won the championship? It’s disheartening to say the least.

In Australia the options are also limited and it’s incredibly frustrating when the data shows how engaged the women’s sports audience is and the strong fan connection that exists to our national women’s teams.

We still don’t have as much merch as we’d like and what we find is sporting teams, leagues and apparel partners blaming low sales and interest for not putting too many products to market. This comes down to a lack of understanding of the type of merchandise fans of women’s sports want. And the ways women’s sports fandoms are displayed. 

Showing support for your team is a core component of fandom, of course, but there are so many more ways fans of women’s sports can feel like they want to show their support. 

Many have multiple teams because they choose to support individuals over clubs, so many fans have been around for a long time, have seen leagues develop and change and are just for supporting the growth of the game. Some fans are new and are not sure what teams to choose but want to show their support in some way. Some fans are political and want to show support through strong messages. They want to take a stand. Some want to share the humour and wit so many of our athletes have. A replica guernsey is just not enough.

Availability of women’s sports merchandise 

Finding what’s out there can be tough, especially if you’re looking for items just beyond your official team merch. We’re trying to create a space to collate as much women’s sports merchandise as possible to help you find what’s out there, and maybe inspire some change and add more to it! 

We hope the links below can help you to find some great stuff and support not only your teams, but some independent creators that have items for sale to support their women in sport platforms.

We also have some links to international gear which we know is tricky with exchange rates and shipping charges, so we’ll only share a few of these that are really, really good and well worth your hard earned.

If you know of any more women’s sports merch out there that we can add to this page, please send us an email with the link to contact@sirensport.com.au

Support Aussie women in sport content creators and brands!

Here are a couple of of favourite people working in this space who have some merchandise available for sale:

Ladies Who League/Legspin: A variety of t-shirts and mugs that support the Ladies Who platform. Shop here.

The Outer Sanctum Podcast: One of our favourite podcast teams have t-shirts, hoodies and baby jumpsuits. Shop here

women's sports merchandise
‘The Originals’ shirt by The Outer Sanctum

League Tees: An independent sports apparel brand, League Tees support women’s footy clubs with fundraising shirts and also create fun shirts and badges. Shop here.

The Carlton Draft: An independent sports apparel brand, TCD creates designs that celebrate the humor and pop culture references with a mostly Aussie rules footy flavour. They have some AFLW themed items that feature cult figures in the league.  Shop here.

Sports Clubs

We will look to add more merch here from local sporting clubs but we’re looking to highlight merch that can be purchased by a wider audience. 

A perfect example is the Darcy Vescio ‘The Mark of a Good Woman’ designed tee on sale through the Darebin Football Club. Shop: short sleeve  and long sleeve. 

Darebin Football Club's 'The Mark of a Good Woman' shirt designed by Darcy Vescio. women's sports merchandise
Darebin Football Club’s ‘The Mark of a Good Woman’ shirt designed by Darcy Vescio.

Does your club have items like this for sale too? Email us so we can share it! contact@sirensport.com.au

International Merchandise

Burn It All Down: Our friends at the BIAD podcast have an amazing variety of merchandise that all goes towards supporting the production of their podcast. Prices are in USD and please be mindful of international shipping costs. Shop here.

BreakingT: You might know of BreakingT from that ‘four stars only’ shirt that went viral. They are a US based site with amazing merchandise that responds to key sporting moments on and off the field to give fans a way to show their fan allegiances and also their passion for social justice campaigns. Most of their shirts include portions of proceeds going to different organisations as well as league player associations. Prices are in USD and please be mindful of international shipping costs. Shop here.

WNBA: If you want to grab that hoodie, you better act fast! Prices are in USD and please be mindful of international shipping costs. Shop here.

Arsenal: We know there are some of y’all who need the full kit. It’s ok. We get it! If you want some official merch to support our Matildas abroad, there are some kits out there. For the new Gunners you get Steph Catley, Caitlin Foord and Lydia Williams. Prices are in GBP and please be mindful of international shipping costs.

Chelsea: We can’t forget Blues fans (or Sam Kerr fans is probably more like it!) Grab Sam Kerr’s kit here. Prices are in GBP and please be mindful of international shipping costs.

Official League/Team Merch – Australia 

Here we have a round up of women’s sports league and club official merchandise. We’ve just included teams and leagues that have a direct link to their women’s team/league apparel as links to team stores we thought were too generic and more often than not, did not have any items available. So if you notice your team is missing, that is why. 

We’ll update links if dedicated women’s team/league pages are created when the sport is in season.


Brisbane Lions




Gold Coast

GWS Giants


St Kilda

West Coast


League store: Shop here. 

Suncorp Super Netball

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Collingwood Magpies

Giants Netball

Queensland Firebirds

Melbourne Vixens

NSW Swifts

Sunshine Coast Lightning 

West Coast Fever


Cricket Australia online shop currently unavailable. We will update when back online.

National Teams

Australian Women’s Cricket Team: Cricket Australia online shop currently unavailable. We will update when back online.





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